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About Us

The Mary J List (MJL) site is a portal where you can find information on the best cannabis locally and globally. We have cannabis reviews and rankings to help you decide which service is ideal for you.

As a user/consumer this site provides a medium where you can post reviews and rankings for any cannabis market segment.  

For service providers our site serves as a bulletin board where you can list your cannabis business/service.

Why MJL?

There are many reasons to join MJL; for facilitating safe access to consumers, for freedom of expression, and for exploration and seeking knowledge. Now you can become part of the solution and contribute to the ideal of Peaceful Pot Power. MJL seeks to serve as a resource to guide you on your quest for partaking.

We pledge to provide everyone with a SAFE RELIABLE and EASY way to higher living.

Upon entering this site you agree to recognize any and all laws pertaining to cannabis and in no way hold MaryJ List or its staff accountable for any undesirable outcome.