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Northeast Organic Solutions

Northeast Organic Solutions

Written by Sabrinas Grave Yard     November 09, 2015    
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The research and development phase of MZ12X came with exteremly high expectations. Although the process was diffcult, those expectations were not only met, they were surpassed! The extraordinary advantages of MZ12X are as follows: First and Foremost, it is not butane!

MZ12X is di-menthyl ether. An organic solvent with a long history!


Contains no heavy metals!

No Residue!

Flammability similar to cooking sherry, it is not like petroleum based products!

Pulls both Terpenes and CBD's. The terpene profile is amazing!

Incredible end product taste and smell! Smell and taste just like the plant matter used to extract!

No need to wash or winterize! The lipids are removed in the intial extraction process!

Higher yeilds depending on the strain, between 28 to 33 percent!

One can of MZ12X is the equivalent of three cans of butane!


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