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The History of Marijuana Part II: 1000 B.C.- 1200 A.D.

From 8000 B.C. to 1000 B.C. comes the beginnings of Marijuana. The next large era in Marijuana’s history spans from 1000 B.C. to approximately 1200 A.D. This is a period of approximately two thousand two hundred years, which marks two points of significance. The first point would be the window of time between significant events and the correlation with technological advancements. As technology advances through time, so does the speed in which significant events regarding Marijuana occur. The second point of significance made shows a correlation with part of the Middle, or Dark age. The Middle Age began in approximately the year 400 A.D., and ended in approximately 1400 A.D.(1) This era covers the precursor to the Dark ages, and much of the first two-thirds of the Dark Age itself.

Within the middle ages, many changes occurred within the realm of Cannabis, but they mainly pertained to the travel of Marijuana. While it first started to travel on a more intercontinental scale around 800 A.D., this was very limited, and only covered certain parts of Africa and the Mediterranean. During this time period, however; it expanded even more. By 1100 B.C., Marijuana had made it all the way through the continent of Africa, and had started to spread through Europe. By 1200 A.D., it had managed to spread all the way through Europe, even reaching more remote islands, such as Scandinavia and England. While few technological discoveries were made at all during the Middle Ages, much less discoveries specific to Marijuana, the one upside to this time period was the fact that it made the substance more internationally recognized(2).

To conclude, the next large time period for Marijuana begins is 1000 B.C., spans a total of approximately two thousand two hundred years, and ends in 1200 A.D. Few technological advancements were made during this time, however; many significant advancements were made in the trade of Marijuana. It became custom in far more places than it had before, covering all of Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and most of Asia. This made it valuable in the trade industry, and allowed it to be discovered by more of the world’s population. In the end, Marijuana would most likely not be nearly as widespread today, if it wasn’t for this period of time where it was spread at great lengths.

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-Jammin Joe