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Bernie Sanders Delivers a Much-Anticipated Elaboration of his Stance Regarding the Legalization of Cannabis

Bernie Sanders is one of the leaders for the Democratic ballot for the upcoming 2016 presidential election. One of the questions many of the people following the election are asking is: what is his stance on the legalization of Marijuana. After much anticipation, he finally announced his campaign platform for Cannabis on Jimmy Kimmel Live, on 22 October 2016. His opinion shows support towards the legalization of the substance to an incredibly high degree. Many of his comments regarding it can be compared to those of current American president Barack Obama. He speaks of how he believes there are too many people in prison for a Marijuana-related crime. By theory, if Cannabis were to be legalized, it would cut back on the number of people in prison and provide a new source of income for the government. Both of these factors would cut back on costly spending and even find a way to help the government earn more money. He also added later on to his original statement, that if there was a way to get the United

States Postal Service involved in the delivery of Marijuana, it would be another source of revenue for the government(1). This means that solely by legalizing Cannabis in the United States, it would provide three substantial sources of income for the United States, which would thus help get rid of the massive budget deficit the country has currently built up.

“I am not unfavorably disposed to moving toward the legalization of marijuana,” Sanders said to Kimmel. “We have more people in jail today than any other country on Earth. We have large numbers of lives that have been destroyed because of this war on drugs, and because people were caught smoking marijuana and so forth. I think we have got to end the war on drugs.”(3) This is somewhat of a political surprise, seeing as how the Democratic party generally does not support the legalization of Marijuana. This increases the odds that Marijuana would be legalized sometime within the next presidential term. To conclude, Cannabis is being socially accepted into American culture, and now politics are showing true signs of trending towards political acceptance as well.

-Jammin Joe