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Columbia Pushes Legislation in Attempts to Further Legalize Marijuana

Columbia is one of the world’s largest producers of Marijuana. Ironically, however; it has been illegal since the creation of the country itself. Now, legislation is being pushed forward which might end up changing the current legal status of the substance(1). If this were to take place, it would completely change the way Cannabis is viewed on a nearly-international scale. Because it is one of the largest producers of Marijuana, this would cause political change throughout the country on three different basises. It would reduce the crime rate in Columbia. It would give the government a new way to make money through taxation, and it would even cause a disruption in the organized crime units which basically rule the Colombian people. This could be a spark to set off a much larger legalization phenomenon, assuming it gets passed in the first place.

Should Columbia legalize weed, one of the most direct effects it would have would be the drop in crime found in Columbia. Since the majority of Columbia’s crime revolves around either growing or smuggling Cannabis, the legalization of the substance would bring a dramatic fall to the crime rate of the nation as a whole(2). In addition to the reduced crime rate, legalization would also give the Columbian government a new product to tax. These taxes would prove quite successful since Columbia produces so much Marijuana. Not only would the taxes be massive due to the amount of Cannabis produced each year, but these taxes could then help Columbia’s other issues, such as poverty or social injustice(3). Finally, this would severely disrupt organized crime units, run by international drug cartels, throughout the country. The cartels in Columbia are some of the worst in the world. They make their business by smuggling illicit drugs around the world. For Columbia, the cartels mainly focus around Marijuana.

If Cannabis is legalized, then the cartels lose the majority of their business in Columbia. If the cartels were to lose their power in that nation, the entire cartel system would be more fragile, and it would allow for Columbia to make more positive changes to their government and society(4).

To conclude, it is clear that the legalization of Cannabis in Columbia would spark some large changes. It also seems that most of these changes would have positive effects for the country and the world as a whole. All it would take is the passage of this legislation. For if this legislation passes, it would change the world.

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-Jammin Joe