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Marijuana Usage can now Save Lives, say the Statistics

Since the rise of new medical technology, many new prescription drugs have been created. With each new pill invented, though, comes a new group of people to overdose on the pill. Essentially, there is a direct correlation between the number of pills on the market, and the number of pill-related overdoses per year. This was especially highlighted throughout the majority of the 1990’s, however; deaths have gone down over the past sixteen years(1). This just so happens to correlate directly with the legalization of Marijuana for medicinal purposes over time. This means that marijuana is actually saving lives with each step towards legalization for the masses.

This is the most commonly accepted theory as to why overdose-related deaths have gone down, seeing as how there has been a twenty-five percent decrease in overdose deaths since 1999, when medicinal marijuana took a leap forward in legality. This theory has been discredited by many, citing the fact that many doctors do not prescribe Cannabis as an appropriate treatment to cope with pain. Even though this theory has merit in it’s one point, it does not have any other points to back it up. In addition, there are no other major opposing theories out there as to why overdoses are decreasing with each given year(2).

The flip side of this shows that there is no official proof to confirm the theory either. While there is a major correlation between the legalization of medical Marijuana and a decline in overdoses, there is no way to truly prove this theory. A comparison of this would be the link between humans and global climate change. While both these theories can not truly be proven, there is a great chance that the theories are both correct(3).

Overall, there is new information coming out, showing a trend between the legalization of marijuana, and the decline of deaths related to overdoses. This is mainly because that with more pills coming out, the more likely one can be to overdose on a pill, however; it is impossible to overdose on Marijuana. This, in some ways, makes it the safest painkiller in the United States. While some oppose this theory, there is not enough evidence to truly contradict this theory. In the end, marijuana may just be the key to reducing the amount of deaths the country has, due to pill overdoses, per year.

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-Jammin Joe